Saturday, September 28, 2013

1st Day of School 2013

 Are you ready for an education???  Channing Hope is ready to teach!
 We started school in mid August and of course I like to play up the first day a lot.  Makes the school year exciting when they get a special day of fun!  They had their lunches packed and they were waiting on the "school bus."  3rd, 1st, and preschool here they come!
 The bus was a little late due to some technical difficulties.  We were ready to start school, when I gathered the video and regular cameras to document the day.  The video camera had no charge, so we had to plug it in and wait until I could semi use it.  Then Finley grabbed the camera and dropped it and broke the hinge off of the camera and then we couldn't keep the batteries in.  We were in the process of taping the camera together when the girl ran into the kitchen, got another old camera and dropped that one!!!  We were laughing hysterically and couldn't get the day going in a very timely manner.  Good thing they don't go to regular school, because we would have missed everything!!  And the whole dropping of the camera will be explained in the next post on why the child's hand/eye coordination was completely off!
 The bus finally came
 Bus Driver Bob took the kids around the neighborhood and dropped them off at school!!
 Tiny Tot was not pleased that she was left behind!!
 I then quickly went from Mom to Mrs. Rifflet and my teacher assistant was by my side!
 They took pics outside of school :) 
3rd Grade
 The head honchos of Amazing Grace Academy
 The lonestar 1st grader
 He is so cute with no bottom teeth
 Preschool superstar
 The other result of the camera drop.......sometimes you just get fuzzy pictures now!!!  I just thought this was funny because we could not get our act together with the technology this day.
 Chloe and her beloved school cone (schultete).  This German tradition is my kids absolute favorite part of the new school year!!  They ask about these all summer!!  
 Channing was so excited to get a spot in the school room.  She never is allowed in there except with me and now she has her own space to work with the big kids!  We shall see how this works out!
 Carly and Mrs. Rifflet
 Chloe and Mrs. Rifflet
 Harper and Mrs. Rifflet
 Finley and Mrs. Rifflet
Mrs. Rifflet with the room Dad........oooh la la!!!!!!

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