Wednesday, December 4, 2013


We have to check to see if your child has a brain tumor are words you really don't ever want to hear from your pediatrician!!!  So here is the story of what happened the day we started school:  That day (Wednesday, August 14th) Finley dropped the camera and then dropped another one and then kept looking at me like she figured out how to roll her eyes in.  The next day, she would look at me and then her eye would look like it was sticking for a little bit in the inward position, like this...........
 Then the next day, she woke up and her eyes were completely crossed and I knew something was not right.  So I called her Dr. and brought her in that morning.  I told the Dr. of the progression from 2 days prior and she just quickly said she needed to make some emergent phone calls and ran out the door.  She finally came back in the room with 2 prognosis'.  "I need you to take her over to the hospital for a CT scan of her head.  There could be a brain tumor.  The eyes are the first sign because when a tumor gets big enough, it sits on the eye nerve and that makes the eyes go bad.  But... it could also be just a very rapidly growing lazy eye.  I called the eye Dr. and he said that it is possible for an eye to go that quickly."  I confidently looked at her and told her it was definitely the latter option, but we would go to the hospital just to appease her :)  Finley and tumor just didn't mix with me!!!!  So we had to wait a little bit (because she ate lunch right before we got there) and we went and met Matt at work so he and I could eat together. 
I have never in my life felt such a weird peace about something serious.  Finley and I praised and worshiped for those few hours.  I sent out a text to my prayer warrior sisters.  And we prayed!  Oh how I prayed in those few hours!  I laid my baby at the feet of Jesus.  Before we even left that morning to go to the Dr., Finley and I sat and prayed over her eyes.  We knew that God would protect her!  We anointed her eyes with oil and prayed for a healing (little did we know that healing would be for no brain tumor!)  Isn't it so amazing how we can bring our prayers to The Lord and He hears our cries!!!  So needless to say, I knew that God is her healer and that confidence left me with nothing but praise.  We did the CT scan and it had to be with contrast.  They put an IV in Finley's arm, which she didn't even squirm for!!  My child that will cry and  howl over every little thing, but barely flinched when getting an IV!  (Now I know she really had a high pain tolerance :)  They sent her through the big donut thing to scan her brain and she looked nervous, but she was brave. 
 After it was over, they gave her a bear (which she named Braveheart Bear) and a roll of purple tape (which looks blue in the picture) and we waited.  She was really ready to go at this point, but was very patient and I enjoyed hanging out with my girl.  After a little bit, they told me I had a phone call!  It was the pediatrician with the great news:  NO TUMOR but we had to go to the eye Dr. Monday morning!  I wanted to jump and dance, but I contained myself and we praised and worshiped in the car!   
 We made a quick stop at Target because I knew how to fix a lazy eye..... you patch the good one.  So my home remedy was a pirate patch. 
 Monday morning, we got to the eye Dr. for an all day event!!!  (literally 1-8 pm)  They checked her vision and she really couldn't see anything!!!  She stopped using her bad eye on Sunday.  She would look at things with only one eye.  It was so crazy how fast all this happened and how her vision was really getting bad.  Come to find out, she is far sighted!  Her prognosis..... to wear an eye patch for 4 hours a day and she needed GLASSES!!! 
 Of course only purple would work for our princess!  So the most girly girl got her a new accessory.  We are kind of biased, but her glasses look so incredibly cute!  She looks so different now without them!!  She does really well with them and her eyes straightened right up as soon as the glasses went on her face! 
 Thank You Lord for glasses!!!
 The next day, she had to go to the dentist for the first time!  This poor girl went through the ringer all in a week!  She was nervous and quiet for once!  But she made it through and did great!
 Then dance class started again.  So was so excited to show off the new specs!
She loves her glasses and is happy she can read her Bible!!!  

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